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Audio Book Readers:

This book has been edited in such a way as to make it work as best as possible for audio readers in the eBook versions, to be able to listen to it being read. This opens up this book for people who are blind, or have trouble reading, or for busy people who want to just listen to it while driving, walking, jogging, or working around home, etc. Sometimes you just want to relax, and not have to think too much, and just listen to an inspirational book being read. I recommend that you get a good text-to-speech Book Reader App, so that you can enjoy the full experience of this book. 

This book will help you to learn different ways of praying and claiming Bible promises, to greatly enrich your faith and draw you closer to God.


Book of Prayers

Discover the beautiful truth that God loves you and has a plan to save you! It is God’s desire that you would speak often with Him in prayer, because you love Him. This is how He saves you, when you ask Him for help; it gives Him permission to help you. So prayer is the lifeblood of your soul! Make your needs known to Him, He loves you! Prayer enables you to get the help you need from God to please Him, and gain your final reward in Heaven. Knowing how to pray, what to pray for, and the conditions for answered prayer are important if you want to please God and have Him say, 'Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord, enter into the paradise I have prepared for all who love Me'. This book will help you to pray so that God will always hear your prayers and you can get the help you need.

This book contains prayers and promises to claim for them. Many of these prayers were included in The Love of God Part 1 and 2, but were put into this book for those wanting a separate book. And other prayers and promises to claim were and are to be added. It is anticipated that the number of prayers in this book will grow, giving the person wanting good sample prayers for a starting point, plenty of material to choose from for their needs when praying. Some material from the chapters in Part 1 on confession and prayer will probably be pulled or rewritten especially for this Book of Prayers. Many of these prayers are a type of a devotional to God. The reader is also encouraged to make the prayers their own, and create their own prayers, organized around the precious promises and commands of God to be found in the Bible. This book will also help the reader to know what they need to do to meet the conditions for these answered prayers. 

Faith, confession, and obedience to God are the key to answered prayer! Devotion and love for God are also necessary to always have your prayers answered. Many prayers are not heard or answered by God, because those who are praying have some sin that needs to be confessed and forsaken, or they are praying with selfish motives or for something that is wrong. In addition to this, we also need to give ourselves completely to God, if we always want all of our prayers to be heard and answered, and to kick our ministry to serve God into high gear! No matter where you are in your Christian walk, whether you just gave your heart to God, or are considering it, or are confessing your sins, or are praying for help, this book has something to offer everyone. We want people to understand how they can get their prayers answered with God, so that they can get their true needs and desires met that are according to God's will. This helps build faith which helps us to please God. Hebrews 11:6.

Regardless of whether you have read The Love of God Part 1 or 2, you may still want to get this book, so that you can get more valuable information on prayer, and more prayers to use. This book will also be written in a devotional style, because love for God should be the center of everything that we do!

Ultimately prayer is the key to everything you need, because it helps you gain Heaven, and helps you get what you need, and draws you closer to God, if you will cooperate with Him. So prayer is essential for peace, love, joy and happiness! May the grace of God be with you! May God give you the truest desires of your heart that are good! Amen!
This Book Will Show You:

* Prayer is the key to everything you need in this life, and the life to come!

* How to get answers to prayer.

* What to pray for.

* Conditions for answered prayer.

* Prayers for forgiveness and salvation.

* Prayers for help, the Holy Spirit and protection.

* Prayers for service to God and soul winning.

* How to get a ministry to serve God with.

* How to pray for strength that you need.

* How to pray to get the Holy Spirit.

* How to get the help you need, so that you can live a successful Christian life and make your way safely to Heaven!

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