This Book Will Show You:
* How you can get rid of guilt, anger, depression, and how to be happy.

* How to not worry.

* How you can get your heart’s truest desire and need!

* How you can be happy, and have all the peace, love and joy in your life that you were meant to have!

* How to get to know God, and make your peace with Him!

* How to have great love, faith and joy. (Yes we repeated it again! We can never say this enough!)

* How to have true security, how to have the confidence of your own salvation; when you know that God loves you, and will take care of you, if you allow Him to.

* How to get help with addictions, so that you can get your life in order again.

* How to be free, so that you can be a productive member of society again.

* How you can have more love for others, and become a better, kinder, gentler person who is a blessing to others.

* How to have a wonderful prayer life and how to get answers to prayer!

* How you can be saved and go to Heaven.

* How to give your heart to God. [Giving your heart to God is the most wonderful thing that you could ever do!]

* How you can be born again.

* How you can know God’s will for your life.

* How to please God.

* How you can get the help you need, and the power to obey God’s Law of Love.

* How you can get the victory over sin.

* How to become filled with the Holy Spirit.

* How you can have great peace, and be ready for whatever comes next, including death.

The bullet points, that this book will show you, may seem like a tall bill, but they are all in God’s Holy Bible. We believe that you will see that this book delivers on this, by showing you how much God loves you! But many people don’t know that these blessings are there, or have not thought about them too much or enough. If you will just humble your heart before God, and get to know Him, you will fall in love with Him, and be filled with great peace, love, faith and joy. God wants to know everyone, and wants to share His love with you! Amen.

John Doe

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