Are you ready for a new life?
Are you ready to be happy?
Are you ready to take your next step with God?
Are you tired of being sad and unhappy?
Are you ready to have joy?
Are you tired of your guilt and just want to be free?
Would you like be free from addictions?
Would you like to have peace?
Do you want to be good and do what's right?
Are you tired of getting angry?
Are you tired of hurting yourself and others?
Are you tired of the shame of doing or saying the wrong thing?
Are you ready to look in the mirror and see a happy person smiling back at you, no more shame?
Do you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit?
... Then get ready for your new life...!
... Then get ready have your life transformed by God's love...!
... Then get ready for His sweet Spirit to fill you...
... as you learn the truths that will save you from despair...
... and make you happy...
... as you learn to cooperate with Him and let Him help you!
Then get ready to read this book, and get your new life with God started!
This is Heaven's prayer for you!

John Doe

Typically replies within a day