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Recommended eBook Read Apps for Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, PC and Mac
Our books have been edited in such a way as to make them work as best as possible for audio readers in the eBook versions, to be able to listen to them being read. This opens up these books for people who are blind, or have trouble reading, or for busy people who want to just listen to it while driving, walking, jogging, or working around home, etc. Sometimes you just want to relax, and not have to think too much, and just listen to an inspirational book being read. I recommend that you get a good text-to-speech Book Reader App, so that you can enjoy the full experience of our books.

It is worth the time invested to get a good eBook Reader and our books in the .ePub format, because you have your choice on whether you want to physically read our books, or have an app play the audio of our eBooks to you! Once you take the time and try it, you will see it's great value! Especially if you are fully visually impaired or your eyes don't see as good as they used to, or if you are very busy, or drive for 1/2 hour or more in your vehicle on a regular basis. Being able to listen to the audio of an inspirational book is a good way to redeem the time! Now that 1/2 hour drive to work, and back home can be 1 hour of a Christian devotional or Bible study!
eBook Formats:
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Most of the readers we are going to discuss here use the .epub format, which is the most universal ebook platform out there: it works on many different Book Reader apps, running on PCs, Macs, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. (Some may argue that Amazon Kindle format is universal too, since it runs on all of these devices, but you must use the Amazon Kindle App to read the eBook file if you purchased it from Amazon, because they tend to hide these files from users, DRM protection or not.) If you are buying any of our books, or getting free samples of any of them, the .epub format is the one you should purchase or download. If you are using an Amazon Kindle device, the .mobi file format is the one you need.

Our .epub book files should be able to be accessed by more than one app on the same device, or on multiple devices, PC's or Apps. When you purchase our books from Amazon, they manage your rights, and where you can install the books. However, it is not easy, if even possible, to use some of or all of our Amazon books with other applications than the Amazon Kindle app (Part 1 with DRM), because it does not let you see the .mobi file. The ebook is supposed to be hidden. And the Amazon Kindle app doesn't let you listen to the audio of my books, unless your computer or device is setup for the visually impaired. So if you want to listen to our books, it is best to NOT purchase the Amazon eBook version (unless you are willing to figure out where the book is and how to use it with the ebook Reader), and instead with the .epub format which you can purchase form, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBook Store, and other places.

Please don't give or sell our eBooks to other people without our permission, but you may use them freely within any of your devices or computers that you own. You may share them with your immediate family members though. Think of it like a physical book. Usually anyone in the family can read a book that is in a household.
Android eBook Readers:
If you are using an Android phone or tablet, I recommend that you get a good text-to-speech audio Book Reader like Moon+ Reader Pro, FBReader with the FBReader TTS + Plugin, FullReader+, or @Voice Aloud Reader from, so that you can enjoy listening to this book! The first 3 are good at displaying pictures, with zoom in capability. @Voice Aloud Reader is better for playing the audio. The Moon+ Reader free version is good, but won’t play the audio of the book, the Moon+ Reader Pro version is worth it because it will play the audio of the book to you. I think that the @Voice Aloud Reader is the best for people mainly wanting to listen to the audio of a book, and is free, but you can also use it to read our books as well. I think that FBReader is the best free book reader, that can also play the audio together, but you must also download the FBReader TTS + Plugin to play the audio of the book. Full Reader+ is also free and may be as good as the FBReader with the TTS Plugin. There may be other good apps out there than what I have mentioned.

But why not download both
@Aloud Voice Reader and FBReader with the FB Reader + TTS Plug in, to get the best of all worlds? You have nothing to loose!
Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod eBook Readers:
If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod (not the classic iPod), I recommend that you try using it’s text to speech capability, to play the audio of this book to you. You may need to get a better app from the iTunes store, to play the audio for you. You can Google “text to speech book reader iPad” to find apps that have this feature for you to try. Some people I know have used the Natural Reader on the iPhone with success, to play the audio of the book (text-to-speech). Reads nicely! It will read books off of these cloud storage sites: DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. This is the best way to use our books using the Apple Moble Devices like the iPhone or iPad, etc. Download the books to one of these three cloud storage sites, then you can play them anywhere that can access the internet and has a player. You can also download our books to your computer as well. (It's best to store eBooks in more than one place, to prevent them from being lost.) We don't know a lot about on the Apple Mobile Devices, and have only looked at or used it a little bit, since we don't have an iPhone or iPad, etc. According to the Natural Reader site page description: "Note: DRM-protected eBooks from iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or Adobe OverDrive cannot be opened with NaturalReader."
Windows / PC eBook Readers:
If you are wanting to listen to this eBook played on your PC, I recommend buying the TextAloud application. It lets you play the audio of a lot of books, and gives you extra ability in MS Word and other Microsoft products for playing the Audio of text. The TextAloud PC application also allows you to record the audio of any chapter of the book to an Audio .MP3 file, which can be played on any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone, or any device that can play MP3 files! However, you cannot legally distribute these audio files or sell them, because you are not licensed by TextAloud, or by the owner of each voice that you would use to do this. But you can enjoy listening to the audio mp3 files that you record with TextAloud on your computers and devices. But if you mainly want to read the book on the PC, there are better applications out there than this. TextAloud is mainly for listening to the audio of a book or document, and doesn’t look like the book, with its original formatting. I don’t think that it can display pictures at all. *But you may need to study the legalities of recording mp3 files from TextAloud. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot claim that it is really legal to record mp3 files of any books or documents in TextAloud or not. Please check on the legality of this for yourself, if you plan on using TextAloud for this purpose. I am not responsible if it is in fact, not legal.
Free eBook Readers and General Notes:
There are free PC and Mac Book Readers out there that you could get, if you just want to read our books, and have them look like the book should look. See: for free PC, Mac, and Linux Book readers. You can also view SmashWords .ePub files on your PC or Mac with Adobe Digital Editions, which you can get from But these apps do not have text-to-speech capabilities, thus they cannot play the audio of the book to you.

​In general, Android Tablets, SmartPhones, iPhones, iPads, iPods (not the classic) are the best way to read or listen to the electronic versions of our books.

Our eBooks eBook reader functionality were tested on the PC, using the MS Word file in MS Word 2013, with the Microsoft David voice, and on the Android using the MS Word File, with the @Voice Aloud Reader app playing the audio using the Google Voice reader, with the English United Kingdom voice, and with the English United States voice. However, we cannot guarantee that our eBooks will work perfectly with any voice, or with any Book Reader, but you should be able to use them on other eBook Readers and devices than what we have tested our eBooks on.

Even if you enjoy reading physical books, and own the printed copy of our books, you still may want to consider purchasing our .epub eBooks so that you can let your Mobile Device apps read it to you!

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