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April 22, 2017
 Do you have faith? Do you lack the faith to believe that God can save you, bad as you are? Do you have faith to claim God’s rich promises for you in the Bible and become an overcomer? Do you have faith that can move mountains, mountains of doubt? Have no fear! If you have many doubts and struggles and do not yet have the assurance of your own salvation, you may yet gain this assurance. If you will just listen to God’s word in the Holy Bible and cooperate with Him, humbling your heart before Him, you will gain all the faith you need to believe His word, and claim His rich promises for you. This is God’s promise to you, as we will see in this mini study.
April 10, 2017
 I DO not ask this evening that you should comprehend the lesson of this hour, but I do ask that whatever the Word says may be received and believed; because it is only in that way that we can do anything with the lesson of this hour. The Jews lost one of the very best […]
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