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White Raiment Evangelism has expenses in order spread the gospel of God's love to the world and to teach people to fall in love with God. Here are some of the needs ongoing and new needs: 1) Website hosting and services costs, 2) Need to move to a better server, 3) Book printing. And software costs like Video editing software and plugins, microphone, video cameras/cameras, software or web services providing tools for video tags and placement for best results and other services, like Amazon AWS Poly for the text to speech mp3 conversion and playing, etc. In addition to these we need grow by paid ads/page likes, etc to promote our Ministry or Ministry's content. And much more.

We also need prayers for many things, including for our YouTube that we will be successful in reaching the highly distracted media saturated overly entertained people through inspirational videos. We are also in need of people with the desire to serve God and help our ministry and are willing to learn. If we could get some help, we could devote more time to our writing ministry, YouTube production, preaching, etc. We need help with Graphics editing for thumbnails / blog pictures, posting on social media (some manual and some through software), entering captions / translating captions, digital marketing, video editing, and much more. Right now we are doing everything ourselves, and are being held back because we cannot do everything that needs to be done in a timely manner.
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