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This book has been edited in such a way as to make it work as best as possible for audio readers in the eBook versions, to be able to listen to it being read. This opens up this book for people who are blind, or have trouble reading, or for busy people who want to just listen to it while driving, walking, jogging, or working around home, etc. Sometimes you just want to relax, and not have to think too much, and just listen to an inspirational book being read. I recommend that you get a good text-to-speech Book Reader App, so that you can enjoy the full experience of this book. 

If you have read our first book Part 1 and allowed God to give you a new life with Him, you should know the value of what we are presenting. If you have not read our first book, you should read it first, so that you can have all of the peace, love and joy you were meant to have! This book covers the more advanced truths of God's plan to save you: how to become part of the Bride of Christ and how to be fully happy and have the most joy and happiness you can have! This book will put you over the top, if you learn what it is teaching and allow God to fully change you, and it will cement in the truths you studied in Part 1. No turning back! Why would you turn back, and go back to your old ways without having the Holy Spirit fully in your heart? It is the pathway of death, there is no life in it, love or joy; no confidence in your salvation, or the companionship of the Holy Spirit! Your old ways have nothing of any value to give you that you want, and cannot give you peace, or help you to overcome sin, or help you to have the patience of the Saints and have the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, as well as the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you have tasted of the Heavenly gift, there is indeed, no turning back! You are now in love with God, and you crave more and more of His Spirit and gifts, and are wanting to be His servant now. You now want to fully become part of the Bride of Christ and prepare to receive the Latter Rain. Do you want this? Yes! So go ahead and read this book, you know you want to!
Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For! Blog, Volume 2

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The purpose of this Blog is to teach righteousness by Faith, which is the key to pleasing God.
Hebrews 11:6. When someone learns to believe in God fully, they are able to get the help they need to be happy and be victorious. This is an essential part of the life that God wants all of His people to have. When this is studied in its beauty, it leads to being born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit!

On this blog you will read many inspiring articles that will teach you how to have faith in God, so you can have life and peace. These articles will show you the secrets of how to have faith, which enables you to appropriate the promises of God, to make you victorious in this life and the life to come. And will help you to gain the other fruits of the Spirit: peace, love, and joy that you were meant to have, and have the power to live a righteous life.

In this book you will see all of the articles in this blog from its start in January 2017 to December 2017.

-- John Foll

White Raiment Evangelism
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