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The Love of God God's Plan To Save You! Part 1
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Are you where you should be spiritually, or are you missing out on something? Are you happy? Do you have a rich and fulfilled life? Do you have the same peace, love and joy that you had when you first gave your heart to God years ago and were baptized? Are you unkind to others? Are you a lukewarm Christian? Are you ready if Jesus should come today? Is God happy with your life? Do you know that God loves you personally? Do you have the assurance of your own salvation? Do you worry if you are good enough to be saved? Are you too worldly? Are you angry, sad, depressed, or have bad habits that you cannot break free from? Do you have trouble doing the right thing sometimes? Do you have guilt or unfulfilled duties that are nagging you? Do you believe that God will save you regardless of what you do, no worries? Do you believe that you are good because you believe the truth? Then you SHOULD read this book. If you already have new life with God, and a ministry to serve Him with, this book will also greatly enrich your life even more. This book will help you regardless of where you are spiritually. Do you want the promised full outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to receive the Latter Rain? Then you should read this book!
The Love of God: God’s Plan To Save You!
Part 1: How To Have Righteousness By Faith!

*** We recommend that you read this book, to help you to have all the love, joy, and peace everyone was meant to have! This book covers the essential truths of God’s plan to save you: how to be forgiven, cleansed from all unrighteousness, and how to be happy!

Discover the beautiful truth that God loves you and has a plan to save you! When you read this book, you will discover the essential truths of God’s plan to save you: how to be happy, and have great peace, love, and joy! Knowing how much God loves you is the key to everything good in this life, and if you wish, the life to come. It is easy to get all of these blessings and more from God, if you will just get to know Him. God loves you, and will take care of you, and will give you the assurance, that you need to know, that He is saving you. He will help you to be free from your guilt, and will help keep you from worrying about your life and future, and then you will be free to be happy. Is this what you want? God will give this to you and more, if you want it! May your life be richly blessed by God, as you read this book, and learn about how much He loves you! This is my prayer for you.

The Purpose of This Book:
The purpose of this book is to help you to give your heart to God all the way, if you have not already done so, and help you to have a new life with Him. Or if you already have given your heart to God all the way, to further enrich your experience of love, joy and happiness in Him. In this book we show how to become born again, so that you can receive all the fullness of the blessings that God wants so much to give you! Yes, your Heavenly Father loves you dearly, and longs to know you and walk with you and help you every step of the way, to be your guiding light. This is the good news of the Gospel! But you may say that you are already a Christian and have already given your heart to God. Do you have great peace, love and joy? Are your sweetest thoughts of your God, whom you love? Do have abundant life in Him? If you already do, then we are happy for you! Praise the Lord! But if you feel a sense of guilt that there is something you need to do, or that you are missing out the promised blessings that God has promised, then you should read this book. Do you have the assurance of your salvation? Or are you not sure? Are you tired of sinning? Are you trapped in habits that you know you should break? Are you hurt, angry, depressed or sad? Then you should read this book. God greatly loves you and wants to give you the precious gift of His righteousness and love to you, so that you can have this new life with Him! He will supply all of your needs out of His rich bounty of blessings. “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 KJV.

It is our desire for this book to teach you God’s love from the Bible, and how to access the throne of grace, so you can obtain help and mercy in time of need. Hebrews 4:16. It is our belief that ideas in this book should be accepted by all Bible believing people everywhere, who love the Lord, because this book will show the truth of God’s love for you from the Bible. We sincerely believe, that if God’s people everywhere, in every denomination and in every religion, would really want the beautiful promised gifts that God wants to give them, and would hunger and thirst after His righteousness, and would give their hearts to Him completely, and be filled with the Holy Spirit, that we would come together in sweet unity of the Spirit, without compromising any of God’s precious truth. This can happen, because the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, and this will bring us the true unity that we desire, without compromising truth, if we will all give our hearts to Him completely. The Spirit will also take away our desire for supremacy, and self-seeking, and will give us love for everyone, which would help us all be one, in Christ. It is our desire for everyone to see how wonderful God is, and receive His invitation to go to Heaven, with great joy. We sincerely believe that if more people could understand the blessings God wants to give them, that there would be more people accepting His invitation. It is our desire to help as many people as possible see how they might have the very happiness and joy that they have been searching for their entire life, but don’t know how to get.

It is our prayer, dear reader, that you will have the most wonderful experience of your life, as you read this book, study your Bible, and pray to God for this new life, learning to give your heart to Him! May God richly bless you, and give you the true desire of your heart! Amen!
This Book Will Show You:
* How you can get rid of guilt, anger, depression, and how to be happy.

* How to not worry.

* How you can get your heart’s truest desire and need!

* How you can be happy, and have all the peace, love and joy in your life that you were meant to have!

* How to get to know God, and make your peace with Him!

* How to have great love, faith and joy. (Yes we repeated it again! We can never say this enough!)

* How to have true security, how to have the confidence of your own salvation; when you know that God loves you, and will take care of you, if you allow Him to.

* How to get help with addictions, so that you can get your life in order again.

* How to be free, so that you can be a productive member of society again.

* How you can have more love for others, and become a better, kinder, gentler person who is a blessing to others.

* How to have a wonderful prayer life and how to get answers to prayer!

* How you can be saved and go to Heaven.

* How to give your heart to God. [Giving your heart to God is the most wonderful thing that you could ever do!]

* How you can be born again.

* How you can know God’s will for your life.

* How to please God.

* How you can get the help you need, and the power to obey God’s Law of Love.

* How you can get the victory over sin.

* How to become filled with the Holy Spirit.

* How you can have great peace, and be ready for whatever comes next, including death.

The bullet points, that this book will show you, may seem like a tall bill, but they are all in God’s Holy Bible. We believe that you will see that this book delivers on this, by showing you how much God loves you! But many people don’t know that these blessings are there, or have not thought about them too much or enough. If you will just humble your heart before God, and get to know Him, you will fall in love with Him, and be filled with great peace, love, faith and joy. God wants to know everyone, and wants to share His love with you! Amen

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